Another Large Weight Gain On Christmas Day

Day 98

Starting Weight: 77.4 kg
Ending Weight: 78.8 kg

After the party on Christmas Eve, I rose to 77.4 kg. This would have been much worse, but I prevented some weight gain by doing a 2-hour run. Today is Christmas Day and Day 98 of my Pentamize maintenance mode.

I think it’s best to actually cheat on holidays like this because it’s the realistic thing for most people. Only an addicted health nut (not that there’s anything wrong with that) is going to refuse to enjoy Christmas. And while I am highly committed to maintaining a decent weight, that does not mean never enjoying a Christmas meal or eating whatever I want on occasional special days.

Day 97 and 98 (the Christmas cheat days) are most definitely putting me well above my maintenance-phase starting weight of 75.0 kg. So the only thing I can do is get back to my regular reasonable eating habits and continuing to exercise on a regular basis. I don’t mind this so much because it does motivate me to get back in the saddle and lose some weight.

I was actually over 80 kg at the max on this major cheat day. So I dropped more than a kilogram for the weigh-in in the morning. While weight goes up dramatically when you pig out, it does tend to drop faster at times. So I did have a big drop overnight. Nonetheless, there is a huge amount of damage here that needs to be corrected.

Starting on December 26, it’s time for another major recovery period. I will be working out every day up to and including December 31. Then, I will be at a New Year’s Eve party. This will naturally cause me to gain weight again. So it will be important to stay active up to that point to avoid something totally crazy, like ballooning to 82 kg or something like that. And that will be a possibility if I don’t work to lose the weight I just gained over Christmas.

Overall, I gained 1.4 kg on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve was also an increase of 1.4 kg. So this was an ugly increase in 2 days of 2.8 kg, which is 6.2 pounds. Yep. It was that bad, and my metabolism is that bad. That’s why I have to work out on almost a daily basis. It’s the only way I can maintain my weight. Now, I am about 9 to 10 pounds over my starting maintenance weight of 75.0 kg. So I am really back to what may as well be full weight-loss mode until December 31.

Days With No Workout
+.6 kg
+.2 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
broke even
+.5 kg
-.1 kg
+.2 kg
+.3 kg
+1.1 kg
+1.4 kg
total +5.1 kg
average +.425 kg in 12 days

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