Continued Recovery With a 75-Minute Nonstop Jogging Session

Day 90

Today, I started at 76.7 kg and ended at 76.3. My exercise session consisted of a 75-minute nonstop run.

When the run started, I was at 77.1. And I went down to a fairly decent 76.2 by the end of it. .9 kg in 75 minutes is actually a much better rate than yesterday, which was oddly only 1.2 in 120 minutes. I have no idea what the difference was, but this kind of fluctuation is normal in my exercise and weight tracking experience.

After the run, my weight was looking pretty good because it was .5 kg below the morning mark. And this was at night, so I had eaten all daily meals except for one after the run. The worst thing I did after the workout was to drink some orange juice (the sweetened variety, which is a bad choice). But I kept it to a minimum, and my weight rose back up to 76.8 before bedtime.

The weight of 76.8 was good because it was only .1 kg over the morning weigh-in, which serves as both the ending weight for the previous day and starting weight for the current 24-hour period. That kind of number virtually guarantees weight loss even if only from morning urination.

The loss overnight from 76.8 to 76.3 was not very big. But because of the great start, it was still a solid weight loss of .4 kg over this 24-hour period.

My body is kind of feeling tired at the moment due to all the running. But it doesn’t seem like the right time to slow down now. I’ll need another good run for Day 91.

At the moment, it feels like a good time to do a 90-minute nonstop jog. Those 2-hour runs from Days 87 and 88 were darn long for me. But the shorter 75-minute run on Day 89 was not so bad at all. 90 minutes is almost in the middle, so it feels like the right thing to do for Day 91. I am still working hard to get back down to 75.0. It looks like it may take a week or so to do it. There’s no rush. But the problem is taking breaks now will just put me right back up to the high 76 kg range, which is not where I want to be since my starting maintenance-mode weight was 75.0. Besides, I’ll be having a cheat day on Christmas Eve, which is only 6 days away.

90M and -.2 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and +.1 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.4 kg
60M and +1.0 kg
120M and -.4 kg
120M and +.6 kg (partial cheat day)
75M and -.4 kg
total 4118 and -4.2 kg
averages of 67.51 min jogging and -.069 kg in 61 days

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