Day 88: First 2-Hour Run In a Long Time Helps Me Lose a Little Weight Back

Day 88

My starting mark on this day was 76.5 kg, which is the highest weight I have started at during the 87 completed days of the Pentamize maintenance mode documented in this blog. My ending weight was 76.1 kg, which means I dropped .4 kg today. This was a big recovery day after gaining 1.0 kg on Day 87. That was due to seriously overeating on the evening of Day 87. Read the blog entry for more details.

I went out in freezing weather (even slippery sidewalks) and ran for 2 full hours. I lost 1.7 kg during this run, dropping from 77.1 to 75.4. Then, I rose back to 76.6 after eating and drinking water. This is pretty good as long as I eat 2 really small meals the rest of the day. But I need to limit my food intake. Otherwise, I could even gain weight again today, which would be ridiculous after running for 2 hours.

Unfortunately, I had several hours to go. So I struggled with what to eat because it was clear I would need to eat at least a little more food. Ultimately, I ate a small sandwich and apple and did something that I discovered helped me a lot in Pentamize full weight-loss mode. And this simple technique was to go to bed early!

They say that sleeping can help you lose weight. And although this is not something that is easy to track, my purpose of getting more sleep is actually a little different than the reported biological benefits of sleeping. Rather, sleeping early is one of the simplest ways to stop eating. Yep. If you are sleeping, then you are not eating. So this is another way that sleeping can help you lose or maintain weight.

Now, will getting extra sleep or sleeping early help you lose weight? It’s not a certainty because everyone has different habits. For example, do you eat less at night due to sleeping early but then unwisely make up for it when you wake up? This is within the realm of possibility. So it’s best to make sure you don’t overeat when waking up. How do you track this? Well, I always recommend tracking everything. If you normally eat 2 eggs, one piece of toast, and 3 pieces of sausage in the morning, then follow that same diet when you get up no matter how much sleep you get or don’t get.

In other words, you may be able to control your evening food intake with sleep. But ensure that you stick to your normal diet when you get up in the morning even if you end up being hungrier than usual. This is the only way to avoid overcompensating and destroying the successful act of eating less the night before. Use my Pentamize book to learn how to track everything.

90M and -.2 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and +.1 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.4 kg
60M and +1.0 kg
120M and -.4 kg
total 3923 and -4.4 kg
averages of 66.49 min jogging and -.075 kg in 59 days

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