Day 84 – First Combined Break and Cheat Day Has Terrible Results

Day 84
Results: gained 1.1 kg, from 75.1 to 76.2

Note: This was both a cheat day and a break day from working out. So this is why the results were so bad.

I had a cheat day today, eating all sorts of candy and chips and drinking some cokes. And the results were strikingly bad.

It was even worse than expected because this also turned out to be a break day. Although I normally like to run on a cheat day to limit the damage to some degree, my stomach was hurting after pigging out. And I was also drowsy. So by the time I finished taking a nap, it was about 8 at night. So I made the difficult but realistic decision to not work out since it was so late.

Maybe if it were not so cold outside, I would have gone out. But it seemed like the time to take a break and start back up tomorrow. This recovery will probably take well more than a day. It could be several days of long runs to make up for this one.

This is actually my first recorded combination cheat day/break day for this blog. And I did not have any of these days during my full weight-loss mode. So this is new territory even for me. Of course, I expected to have considerable weight gain. So there are no surprises here.

The key is not to never have a bad day like this, though. We are all human and fall from time to time, aside from the small percentage of total health nuts that always eat right and always exercise, etc. But for most people, you are going to fall off the wagon every once in a while like I did today.

My weight was up to at least 77.1 kg around bedtime. It may have been even worse because I had a small snack. So I was going to have bad results by morning no matter what. Even on a really good day, I might lose 2 pounds overnight, including going to the bathroom. And that’s pretty much what happened. After waking up, taking the kid to school, and then going to the bathroom, I weighed in at 76.2 kg. Although that was a good drop overnight, the end result was still a weight gain of 1.1 kg on this cheat day that was also a break day from exercise.

76.2 is about the highest I have been during maintenance mode. So needless to day, I’ll need to do a lot of exercise over the next few days to make this up.

Days With No Workout
+.6 kg
+.2 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
broke even
+.5 kg
-.1 kg
+.2 kg
+.3 kg
+1.1 kg
total +3.7 kg
average +.33 kg in 11 days

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