Pentamize Blog – Gained a Little Weight After Drinking Some Coke

Day 83
Results: ran 90 minutes and gained .1 kg, from 75.0 to 75.1

After a minimal loss of .1 kg on Day 82 despite a 90-minute run, it’s time to do another running session. But my joints were not feeling good after yesterday’s session. So I am thinking it’s time for a 60-minute run today. This allows me to get a good workout without overdoing it. And if today ends up with a weight gain, I will have the energy to come back tomorrow with another 90-minute jog.

Update: I ended up doing a 90-minute jog, anyway. And we have made a family decision to have a cheat day on Day 84. So that probably means yet another long run. It depends on how I feel. But it’s usually good to do a long run on a cheat day to at least start burning off the extra weight.

Today is definitely not a cheat day. But I am going to have a small bottled coke since I am in the mood for one. I don’t avoid all bad food and drink. But as far as coke goes, I know it’s terrible for you in just about every possible way. That’s why I like to stick to drinking it only about once or twice a month. In fact, I have literally gone an entire month at times without drinking a single coke.

At times in the past, I used to drink about a liter of coke every day. That’s how bad my diet was. LOL. And I did lose a bit of weight when seriously cutting down on soft drinks. However, one thing I discovered is that merely cutting out soft drinks was not enough to stop losing weight, at least after getting into my 40s.

While still in my 30s, I cut down big time on coke and ended up losing a little weight. But after hitting my 40s, I started gaining the weight back despite the fact that I had largely cut out coke from my diet. So while soft drinks are certainly something to avoid, that doesn’t mean you are going to magically start losing weight just because you stop drinking them. You must look at your whole diet, not just a portion of it.

In my case, I discovered that I was still simply eating too much food. I had not yet properly incorporated the ideas of moderation and portion control into my diet plan. Even if you eat mostly healthy foods, it’s still possible to eat too much.

I figured this was going to happen, and it did. I definitely ate too much earlier in the day, including a bunch of eggs, some fried meat and hot dogs, and fried rice. I also had some yogurt and a coke, and I was up to 76.5 kg by the time of my run. That was at 5 in the afternoon.

The results of the run were really good for the cold weather outside. I lost 1.5 kg. However, I still needed to eat one more meal. So despite the excellent exercise results, this could still be a bad day if I eat too much. I will eat mostly fruits and vegetables for this last meal, along with some yogurt.

After eating, I rose to approximately 75.8 kg. Based on experience, this puts me pretty close to breaking even by morning. However, the results vary enough that it’s not possible to predict with accuracy on a given day. Also, there was still some time before bed. So it’s possible to lose a little more weight before hitting the sack.

By morning, I just wasn’t quite able to get back down to yesterday’s ending weight of 75.0 kg. But at 75.1, that was the smallest gain that can even be registered on my bathroom scale. So no worries. I cheated partially and still barely gained any weight. Of course, I don’t need to be drinking a soft drink every day. That is the kind of thing that will destroy your diet unless your body is naturally able to handle that. Mine is certainly not, which is exactly why I have to constantly watch my diet.

60M and +.1 kg
60M and -.5 kg
60M and +.4 kg
90M and -.2 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and +.1 kg
total 3563 and -4.3 kg
averages of 64.78 min jogging and -.078 kg in 55 days

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