Day 79 – Deciding On Low, Moderate, Or High Intensity For Your Exercise Routines

Day 79
one-hour run
Starting Weight: 74.9 kg after a break day
Ending Weight: 75.3 kg and weight gain of .4 kg

At about 2 in the afternoon, I had risen to 75.3 kg. That is when I decided to go for my one-hour run.

At the end of my run, I registered myself at a very high approximate heart rate of 156 beats per minute. That is into the high-intensity range. However, that pace was only for about the last 5 to 10 minutes. For the 50 or so minutes before that, I was running much more slowly.

At the beginning of this Pentamize maintenance mode, I did several sessions of high-intensity runs. And I found that I lost a lot more weight than usual. For example, I ran really hard for 30 minutes and would lose up to .9 kg. However, that occurred when I ran hard the whole time. Today, I only ran hard like that for 10 minutes or a little less. And I only lost .7 kg for the whole hour, which dropped me to 74.6. So how fast you run absolutely affects how much you lose during a particular session.

The cold weather here continues to reduce the amount I lose during my runs. But this seems to more or less even out because I am not so thirsty after these runs. These appear to still be quality workouts because I am successfully maintaining my weight overall. It consistently hovers around 75.0 kg, which seems to be my natural maintenance weight when exercising and keeping a decent diet.

You may think that you will just run faster so you can lose more weight or lose it faster. But in my case, those 30-minute runs just sapped me both physically and mentally. I had to abandon them because the sessions were just too much for me. So I dropped the speed back down and am now running an average of a little more than an hour.

I encourage you to test out moderate-intensity sessions and try out some high-intensity ones, as well. Decide for yourself which level of intensity you prefer. Of course, some people may be forced to do a low-intensity exercise sessions due to physical limitations. That is okay, too. But you may have to spend a lot more time working out if you limit yourself to only low-intensity workouts. For example, I have even walked for 90 minutes before and found it to be of little positive effect when trying to lose weight. It may be better if you have already met your goals and are just trying to maintain your present weight.

It is pointless to say which intensity level is best in general. That would be like asking what color dress is the best. What matters is what works for you and also allows you to achieve your weight goals. Nothing else matters except what you can and are willing to do physically and whether the intensity and duration, combined, are enough to achieve your goals. Everyone has a different path for losing or maintaining weight. Your job is to find that path. The Pentamize Weight Loss System can help you do that.

Today’s result ended up being pretty bad, with an increase of .4 kg. But I feel like that is a temporary thing with digestion. I am constipated, and that may have been the reason I kept on so much weight on this particular day. So I will just carry on as usual and do my calisthenics workout for Day 80. Hopefully, my body will get back to normal today so I will see better results. But if there is some weight gain again, then I will just make up for it with a long run or two over the coming days.

90M break even
60M +.1 kg
90M -.6 kg
60M and -.1 kg
60M and +.1 kg
60M and -.5 kg
60M and +.4 kg
total 3293 and -4.1 kg
averages of 63.33 min jogging and -.08 kg in 52 days

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