Pentamize Weight Loss Blog: What To Do When You Are Stuck In Place (Day 71)

Day 71
Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog

Today’s Results Summary:
I ran for 90 minutes and broke even exactly, with both a beginning and ending weight of 75.0 kg.

Tips For When You Are Stuck In Place (Not Really Gaining Or Losing)

Because the last couple of days have not been so great, I still need a solid workout today. Ultimately, I decided to go ahead and do my bread and butter, which is a 90-minute jog.

Based on the fact that I am working out so much the past few days, I predicted that my weight would drop at least a little today. That didn’t happen. Yet again, I seem to just be stuck at around 75.0 or slightly above or below it. However, that is my goal since I am in maintenance mode. So this is not a problem. It’s just a little surprising that I keep almost breaking even day after day for a while now. The reason this is a little surprising is that streaks are actually normal. Coming in at the same weight for days and days is somewhat unusual. But it does happen from time to time. Thus, there is nothing alarming about these results.

I broke even exactly today despite the nonstop run of 90 minutes. My starting weight was 75.0, and that’s exactly what I weighed in at in the morning.

Even in full weight-loss mode, I would experience this kind of “stuck in place” trend. By this, I mean not really going up and not really going down. Like in all situations, it is important from a psychological perspective to always look for the positive while assessing whether improvements can be made in your diet and exercise and weight-loss plan.

It is easy to find the positive in this kind of trend. And that is that you aren’t really gaining weight. That is always positive. And if you are in maintenance mode like I am now, there’s not much to assess because you are already maintaining your weight. But if you are in full weight-loss mode, then you may have to assess your diet and exercise.

Based on my experience, a trend across only 2 or 3 days is not much to worry about. But if you know you need to lose more weight and are breaking even for 7 days, this should pique your interest. It still doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong. Now, let’s say you hit 10 days or even 2 weeks and are still stuck in a rut. This is about the time when you may have to check and see if you are doing something wrong with your diet or exercise. Maybe you modified your diet and didn’t realize it because you forgot to track everything. Alternatively, maybe you are not exercising as much or as hard as you were before.

The reason I developed Pentamize tracking is to have a method of tracking these things. I can’t put it all in one article, which is why I wrote a book. But I will give you the basic idea here. If you are not experiencing satisfactory progress and seem to be stuck in place, then meticulously track what you are eating, including how much it weighs. And also meticulously track how much weight you are losing when you exercise. If you balance these things out properly by either eating less or exercising more or more vigorously, then you can improve your results.

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