Day 70 – Getting Through a Streak Of Weight Gain Or Poor Results

This is Day 70 of the Pentamize weight maintenance blog. Here is a summary of the day’s results:

Exercise Session: nonstop 90-minute run
Weight Lost During Run: 1.0 kg
Final Weight: 75.0 kg
Weight Lost: .1 kg (from yesterday’s 75.1)

I was 75.4 kg at the start of my 90-minute run. My weight at the end was 74.4. This is much lower than what it usually is. But I will chalk this up to the fact that it’s cold outside. I was definitely sweating quite a bit, though.

The final results today were not very good. I did lose .1 kg, which is the lowest measurable difference on my weight scale. Still, a successful day is a successful day. So I never get disappointed as long as there is something positive to take away from the results. And a small loss is positive.

The past two days, taken together, have me breaking even. And that is the result despite the fact that I ran 60 minutes on Day 69 (yesterday) and 90 minutes on Day 70 (today). To those who have not learned my Pentamize tracking system, this may seem disappointing. But if you learn my system, you will see these kinds of streaks even in full weight-loss mode. In my case, I am in maintenance mode now. So breaking even is great since that is my current goal, anyway.

The results are more disappointing sometimes in full weight-loss mode. But the important thing to keep in mind is that weight loss is not uniform no matter what diet or exercise regimen you are using. That is because variables such as water weight cannot be controlled with any kind of precision. These are things that just happen, and they happen in streaks. And since those variables do affect your body weight, this naturally has the effect of corresponding streaks in weight gain and loss.

The best thing you can do is learn how to track everything and spot patterns of weight loss and gain (and maintenance once you reach that phase). The purpose of my book is to teach you what patterns to look for. Once you learn these patterns, then you can modify your diet and exercise as necessary to get better results in your weight-loss pursuits. Read my home page for some more information on tracking.

Although I am not disappointed with breaking even the past couple of days, it does mean I will need to work out again on Day 71. I am no longer dismayed at short-term bad streaks. But at the same time, it’s important to keep exercising to break through that streak. So if you experience a bad patch of weight gain or a failure to lose weight despite working hard, keep going. If nothing changes after a few more days, then you may have to modify your diet or exercise. Otherwise, it may just be a temporary rough patch that naturally corrects itself.

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