The Difficulty of Diet Tracking For Complex Dishes (Day 69 Of Pentamize Maintenance Phase)

End Weight: 75.1 kg
Results: one-hour jog and gained .1 kg

After taking two break days in a row, it was definitely time to start exercising again. I ran for a nonstop jogging session that lasted one hour.

It’s always a bit of a downer when you gain weight on a day with a good workout. But today was only a gain of .1 kg. So that’s not a big deal at all. It just means I need to keep working out for a few days now. And I do have plenty of time in my schedule for that. So I expect to do some nonstop running for at least the next 2 days. Then, I will do a calisthenics workout that includes situps, pushups, and probably the scissors.

I ate more vegetables than usual today and don’t believe that I really overate all that much. This is another example of how the total amount you eat is probably more important than exactly what you eat. I don’t think that casserole was necessarily a good choice. It had some pork and cheese, as well.

One thing I have noticed when dieting is that complex dishes can make you eat too much. You don’t realize how much you are eating at one time. To avoid this, I prefer to eat whole foods or pre-weighed portions. For example, a food that I eat on a regular basis is some meatball patties that are packed together and each weigh 100 grams. Since I know they each weigh 100 g, it’s easy to track the weight of my diet.

Once you throw a bunch of ingredients all into one dish like a casserole, it becomes problematic for tracking purposes. You would literally have to get out some paper or a calculator and start tabulating calories or food weight. I teach more on tracking techniques in the Pentamize book.

Eating a casserole today was not necessarily the problem. In fact, it is very common to gain a little weight on a random day even when working out. But eating complex dishes on a regular basis presents a serious tracking problem and can potentially cause you to eat too much without realizing it. So I generally recommend whole foods instead of multi-ingredient dishes when you are trying to lose your weight or maintain where you are at now. This could even be true with salad, depending on the ingredients. A salad with 10 different ingredients could be deceptively high in calories.

The daily data below are only for the last 5 nonstop running sessions. But the averages are for the 44 running sessions during this 69-day period. That means I am jogging approximately 2 out of every 3 days. Specifically, it is 64 percent of all days. 9 have been break days, and the others were calisthenics exercise sessions.

60M and broke even
90M and gained .9 kg
60M and -.6 kg
60M and -.5 kg
60M and +.1 kg
total 2723 and -3.4 kg
averages of 61.89 min jogging and -.077 kg in 44 days

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