Be Proud To Lose Weight (Pride And Having a Breaking Point Are Keys To Your Success)

Day 67 of this blog turned out to be a break day. This is unusual for me since I also took a break only 2 days ago. If you look at my average, I am getting in an exercise session an average of more than 6 days a week.

Today, there were 2 factors that convinced me to go ahead and take a break. I was still trying to get some research done, and I frankly was still sick. So instead of working out, I took a nap to try to feel better and recover. The fact that it was Thanksgiving probably helped me make that decision, as well.

The best news from today is that I actually lost .1 kg. That is the first day of weight loss on a break day during this maintenance period. 5 of the first 6 showed a weight gain, while the 6th was a breakeven day.

My break days have been such a disappointment, so it’s good to finally lose just that small amount. It’s the only good day I have had yet while taking a break. And during my Pentamize full weight-loss mode, I often even gained weight when doing a low-intensity 30-minute workout. And that was even while losing almost 70 pounds.

There is a caveat to today’s result, though. The fact that I was still sick and took a nap of 2 to 3 hours during the day probably helped me lose the weight. So I don’t expect this to happen on a frequent basis. Most likely, my regular schedule of about 6 days a week of working out probably cannot change. This is because I refuse to start gaining weight again. It just doesn’t make me feel good. I can’t do much in life. But the fact that I willed myself to learn how to lose weight means I am achieving something to be proud of. And I am not letting that up now.

When it comes to pride, it’s going to be a key to your weight-loss success if you are like me. I didn’t think that I was eating too much. But even when exercising, I still had trouble losing weight. And there were times where I was just not motivated to lose the weight.

What got me motivated was that I hit a breaking point. Until then, I didn’t really realize how big I had gotten. While I was not huge (5 feet 7 and 233 pounds), that was definitely not a healthy weight for me. It seems there is a tendency for some people to underestimate how overweight they are. It’s like the opposite of anorexia. You simply don’t realize how much weight you are gaining. And unless there is some breaking point where you realize that, then you aren’t going to be motivated to lose weight.

Those who finally get motivated and start to lose the weight will then have the chance to lose some and gain that pride.

I suggest having open and honest discussions with people that you love. Ask them how they feel about how you look and how much you weigh. It’s not about attractiveness. It’s about health. Talk to people that you trust and you know love you. And tell them to speak honestly because you need to hear their perspective. And if most of them or at least a lot of them say you really need to lose weight, you probably do. And this may allow you to finally reach that breaking point – that realization – that it’s time to get serious about losing weight.

Once you decide it’s time to burn the weight off, my very affordable Pentamize book can then give you more information about exactly how I lost the weight.

Days With No Workout
+.6 kg
+.2 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
broke even
+.5 kg
-.1 kg
total +2.1 kg
average +.26 kg in 8 days

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