Day 61 – Using Your Heart Rate To Check Exercise Intensity When Running

My results on Day 61 were a final weight of 74.7 kg. That means I broke even. My exercise session was a 60-minute run.

Yesterday was a good recovery day. I ran 90 minutes and lost .4 kg. Today, I wanted to follow that up with a decent workout because it would be nice to have 2 good days in a row after that really bad result on Day 59. So my decision was to run for one hour.

I started the day at 74.7 kg. Then, I ate a couple of meals and ran in the afternoon. After that run, I came in at 74.4 kg.

I had a small snack after the run, but not much water. I also set a record today on my heart rate at the end of the session. It was about 168, which is more than the 160 I set just yesterday. This is not a record that I usually try to set. In fact, moderate intensity is my typical workout. And even today, it was at 168 only because I ran my butt off the last 10 minutes. Although I didn’t check it, my heart rate was surely way below that for most of the run.

Let’s examine heart rate a little further. Keep in mind that your numbers will be different than mine. For example, a rate of 120 for me at the end of a run only applies to me. For you, the same intensity could be 100 or could be 140. It just depends on your own resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. My book will show you how to figure all this out for yourself. Get it from the home page.

In my case, I am often at about 120, and I would say I have averaged about 130 to 135 for the entirety of the time that I have been using my Pentamize tracking system. So the 160 and 168 from the past two days are way above my average. I have seen it at about 150 before when running hard at the end. Maybe I just ran harder than I thought I did. But I can’t conceive of doing this every day. It’s just too much for me. 160 is definitely in the range of high intensity. And my goal continues to be to maintain an exercise regimen that consists of moderate-intensity workouts. For me, that’s about 120 to 140 beats per minute.

Keep in mind that heart rate increases a lot when jogging. You might be able to get just as good or maybe even a better workout when lifting weights. But your heart rate would not be expected to rise as much as when running. However, if you are lifting heavy weights and working really hard, your respiration should go up dramatically even though your heart rate typically does not skyrocket.

The rest of the day, I did pretty much everything right. After my last meal, I was only at about 75.2 kg. That was only about .5 kg above yesterday’s official weigh-in. But for some reason, I didn’t drop much weight overnight. After waking up and going to the bathroom, I still got down to only 74.7 kg. That made it a straight-up breakeven day since it was the same weight as Day 60.

A breakeven day is never bad. It’s kind of downer because I am having a cheat day on Day 62. Someone is having a party that I will be attending at night. So I would have preferred to lose a lot of weight on this day. Nonetheless, it’s not good to complain about a one-day result. That’s really pointless in the end because the only thing that matters is the average result plus the gross weight gain or loss.

90M and -.8 kg
60M and +.1 kg
60M and -.1 kg
90M and +.5 kg
60M and -.1 kg
60M and -.4 kg
90M and -.4 kg
60M and broke even
total 2453 and -3.3 kg
avg. 61.33 min jogging and -.0825 kg in 40 days

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