Day 59 – A New Workout With Only Situps And Crunches For 45 Minutes

I have started a new kind of workout today. It is another type of session that has no jogging. But this one is situps only. Yes, I did a full 45 minutes with abs only.

This abs workout consisted completely of situps or crunches on a back extension bench. At least for now, it is really hard for me to go all the way down and back up on this incline bench. So I go part of the way down and back up.

I am doing sets of 15 of these situps, along with 15 crunches. The way I do the crunches is to go all the way down on the bench and then push back up a little. So it’s similar to doing crunches without the bench.

This was the first time doing this workout, and I dropped from 75.2 kg to 74.9. That is a loss of .3 kg during this situp session. It will take some time before I can determine the average weight loss during this situps-only exercise routine. But I will continue doing this for 45 minutes.

The other type of 45-minute nonjogging exercise routine is still on the table. That consists of situps, pushups, and the “scissors” exercise.

I decided to add sessions with situps only to see if my abs can be firmed up a little. There is still a little fat there, but not a whole lot. I never had a six pack or anything like that. So the expectations are not high. But can I just firm the belly up a little bit more by focusing on abs? That is what I am trying to determine.

On the first day of this new workout type, I unfortunately kept rising and rising in weight for some reason. I got all the way up to about 75.8. And by 9 or so at night, I had only dropped back down to around 75.7. That’s going to be a very bad result. But it’s meaningless as to the new situps workout because the reason for this rise appears to be a natural upward fluctuation. I won’t know the results of this new workout until at least 2 or 3 months down the road since I will only be doing it about once a week. Even 10 days of results don’t mean much since one bad or good day can seriously skew the results of a 10-day period.

45-Minute Situps Workout
1 Session and Gained .7 kg
Average .7 kg

Obviously, that is a dreadful first day for this situps-only workout. I can’t even imagine why it’s so bad. Nonetheless, it’s time to look forward and run 90 minutes to make up for this. Psychologically, bad days can be really disappointing if you are not used to them. But if you just keep your head up and come back the next day and work hard, you will learn to take a bad day like this in stride. It’s nothing but a temporary speed bump. See the Day 60 blog for results of my “recovery” from this bad day.

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