Day 58 – Using Spicy Red Pepper Sauce With Vegetables

November 15, 2016
Day 58

I ended today at 74.4 kg. That is a pretty good weight loss of .4 kg. It’s a complete reversal from yesterday’s results, where I had increased from 74.4 to 74.8. So I am right back down to where I was 2 days ago.

Because of my disappointing results yesterday, it was time to do another nonstop running session. I did 60 full minutes today. My heart rate was about 148 when I checked at the very end of the exercise session.

I seem hungrier these days, and that can obviously have bad effects. It’s not clear to me at all what is going on. But the way to get through this is usually to just stay the course while also making sure I don’t overdo it on bad foods.

My usual practice, which I developed as part of my Pentamize weight-loss system, is to eat a balanced meal that doesn’t go overboard on carbohydrates and meat, but also severely limits sugar. And if I get too hungry, it’s a good idea to have vegetables to try to get rid of the hunger pangs. This is because, generally speaking, vegetables are very low in calories. I am talking about mostly green veggies here because potatoes and some others actually have quite a high carb content. So you can’t just load up on any vegetables you want. The very general rule is to go with mostly green vegetables since those are the ones that are low in both calories and carbs.

The problem for me is that I don’t really like vegetables that much. So I am constantly struggling some when the hunger pangs come. I tend to want to reach for meat or yogurt instead of veggies. You may struggle with certain aspects of your weight-loss regimen, as well. But just keep in mind that you can actually eat a whole bunch of vegetables, like broccoli and spinach and cucumbers, without gaining much weight over time.

To make vegetables tastier, one of the simple things you can add is red pepper sauce. This is great for cucumbers and even makes broccoli tastes better. Another possible benefit is that spicy food is sometimes recommended for people trying to lose weight. While it’s not likely to have a huge effect, you wouldn’t expect any negative effect from hot peppers. And the fact that it makes the veggies taste better is a big added bonus even if it has no weight-cutting effect.

After my 60-minute run, I was sitting at 74.2 kg. Today, I didn’t check what I was before starting the run. But I had eaten about 3 small meals before exercising. So at the 74.2 mark, I have 2 or 3 more small meals to go. So I am looking pretty good so far to be under 75 and maybe lose a little weight today. But it’s too early to say.

I had a little bit of pizza for my next to last meal. It was probably the equivalent of 1.5 medium-sized pieces. My last meal will be about 250 grams of yogurt.

My weight had a good drop overnight. I went back down to 74.4 kg. This was another solid jogging day. The most recent 6 running-day results are listed below, as well, as the totals and averages for the 38 jogging days in the 58-day maintenance period.

90M and -.8 kg
60M and +.1 kg
60M and -.1 kg
90M and +.5 kg
60M and -.1 kg
60M and -.4 kg
total 2303 and -2.9 kg
avg. 60.61 min jogging and -.076 kg in 38 days

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