Day 57 – Continued Concerns With Workouts That Have No Running Component

My Day 57 result was a weight gain of .4 kg, finishing at 74.8 kg. I did one of my nonjogging workouts, and the results were bad again. There are concerns about this, as jogging is still overwhelmingly my most effective exercise in my weight-loss testing. However, there are also reasons to mix in some nonjogging workouts as an overall component of a diet and exercise regimen. I will discuss that in more detail below.

I have been doing this Pentamize maintenance mode for almost 2 months now. I started at 75.0 kg, and yesterday’s final weight was 74.4 kg. That is a clear success so far. Even though I have lost about a pound, the results are more or less breakeven when you consider that it has been 2 months. And the goal was to maintain or lose possibly a little bit. So things are great up to this point.

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My workout today is a 45-minute session with no jogging. I am doing situps on a situp bench, pushups, and some calisthenics (such as the lower-body “scissors,” which also works the abs). You can use the link below to see a video on YouTube that shows the scissors in action.

After completing my exercise session in the afternoon and eating my third small meal, I was at 75.2 kg. That’s not so good, but it’s not terrible, either. Since I like to try and eat a balanced meal, I probably need to eat one more piece of bread today and some vegetables. I have already had some meat and yogurt and one piece of bread. I will also eat a little more meat, but it will ideally be a small portion. Maybe a little banana bread is okay, too. I mean a rather small amount that is much smaller than even one normal-sized piece of cake or pie.

The problem is that my weight just seemed to keep going up all day after the workout. It was up to about 75.7 at 8 at night. There just seems to be no hope today. Hopefully, I will at least drop below 75.0. Even that’s not a certainty right now.

Even if this new workout with no jogging turns out to not be very effective at weight loss or maintenance, my body is in better shape overall. In particular, my chest is looking a lot better. And my pushup and situp performance is getting much better.

I just couldn’t recover after going up to 75.7. However, the drop to 74.8 was pretty good. But I had gotten so high that was nearly impossible to get back down to 74.4 by morning.

With 6 sessions now, these nonjogging workouts are not looking very good for losing weight. This is pretty much what I discovered in full weight-loss mode. Nonetheless, I need to continue doing these workouts for at least 20 sessions. This will give me a more realistic idea of the effectiveness of these sessions. But it’s starting to look pretty bad now.

Even if these nonjogging routines are not good for weight loss or maintenance, I may still do them because they are good for overall muscle strength. I can even see the difference in my chest, although any differences in abs are not noticeable to me. My legs feel slightly firmer, as well. Another reason to do these workouts is that, at least for me, I can’t run every single day. So these routines are an alternative to taking a break day. At least they still get some positive results compared to a break day, which obviously does nothing positive except getting some rest.

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (these all last 45 mins)
-.1 kg
-.2 kg
+.1 kg
+.8 kg
-.2 kg
+.4 kg
total +.8 kg
average .13 kg of weight gain in 6 sessions

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