Day 56 – Lost a Little Weight Despite Eating Some Donuts

This is Day 56 of my blog here, which is the maintenance mode of my Pentamize weight loss method. I weighed in at 74.4 kg in the morning. That is a loss of .1 kg. Day 55 was a cheat day, and I rose from 74.0 to 74.5. So it was nice to at least lose a small amount of weight back on Day 56 even though I was not very disciplined on my diet today. I have more details on that below.

Today, it was important to get another good workout due to the fact that I had a cheat day yesterday. I gained .5 kg, so it was time to try to make some of that back.

I ran for one hour in the afternoon. At that time, I had risen from 74.5 to about 75.4. After running, I went right back down to 74.5. That was a drop of .9 kg during the run.

The figure of .5 kg is pretty good when you consider that it is quite cold out these days. It was about 2 degrees Celsius when I ran this afternoon. One of the reasons I did this good is probably because I ran pretty hard the last 30 minutes. At the very end, I had hit a heart rate of about 152 beats per minute. That’s seriously high for my ability level.

The workout was good, but the bad part today is my diet. For some reason, I am hungrier than usual. And I rose back up to 75.4 by 8 at night. And I am still hungry for some reason. So it seems like the results are not going to be good. But I have to keep in mind that this is my maintenance phase, not my full weight-loss mode. I lost 2.5 pounds a week when in full mode. And as expected, I have maintained at just about the same weight during maintenance mode (this is Day 56).

At any rate, it’s not possible to have a good day every day. Good days are when you exercise plus have a reasonable diet. I have gone a little overboard today and always remind myself that I can’t be perfect. I still need a donut every once in a while. But keeping it to small snacks is imperative if you want to keep the weight off. A whole bag of chips 2 or 3 times a month is probably going to destroy your efforts.

In this case, I held back a while in the morning and made sure I went to the bathroom and had time to lose as much weight as possible. And I managed to weigh in at 74.4 at about 10:30 in the morning. So I did end up losing .1 kg today. This is a great result when considering my poor diet choices during this 24-hour period.

Going into tomorrow, I really need to focus on making better food choices. It’s time to do a nonjogging workout again, and I don’t lose as much weight during those sessions. So it’s important to have a reasonable diet and not overeat.

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