Day 55 – Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog And a Fairly Bad Cheat Day

Quick Results:

74.5 kg and gained .5 kg

Today was my first cheat day in a while. I didn’t go hog wild or anything. But I had one big meal with steak, potato wedges, some chicken nuggets, some salad, and a lot of coke.

After a starting weight of 74.0, I was 75.6 after that one big meal. So it was time to go ahead and work out. I said previously in another blog post that it’s probably better to eat early on a cheat day (like lunch) instead of eating late. I ate a big lunch, and this gave me time to digest some of the food and then go work out.

Because I had so much to try to lose, I decided to do a 90-minute run. It was near freezing again here. But I am motivated to maintain my weight around my present level. In my experience, jogging has been the best workout for me. So unless it’s bitter cold out, I am going to brave the cold and get my exercise done.

Lately, as it has approached freezing weather, it seems that I have been losing less weight during the workouts. For example, I recently lost about .6 kg during a 60-minute run. However, I lost about 1.2 kg today during my 90-minute run. This may have been because I really jacked up the speed the last 20 to 30 minutes. My heart rate at the end was about 148. That is well into the moderate intensity range and even getting close to high intensity. I don’t usually go for high intensity when jogging. That’s always been hard for me cause I’m just not actually that good at long-distance running. But I pushed it harder today than usual to make up for the cheating.

Let me clarify that I was not near 148 the whole time. As I said, I definitely sped up the last 20 to 30 minutes to try to burn some extra calories on this cheat day.

Drinking water and having a pretty small meal after the run got me back up to about 75.4 kg. That does not bode well for the morning weigh-in, which is likely to show quite a bit of weight gain. This is not certain. But it would be very unusual to drop 1.4 kg overnight. That has happened maybe once or twice during my Pentamize tracking, which includes about 6 months of daily results so far. I’m not really worried since I expect to gain a little weight on a cheat day.

I finished at 74.5 kg, which is a gain of .5 kg on this cheat day.

90M and -.8 kg
60M and +.1 kg
60M and -.1 kg
90M and +.5 kg
total 2183 and -2.4 kg
avg. 60.64 min jogging and -.067 kg in 36 days

The above figures show only the most recent 4 jogging sessions. Click here to see the results for my entire Pentamize weight maintenance mode.

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