Day 53 – Back To Good Weight Loss With My New Nonjogging Exercise Sessions

Today’s Results:

74.1 kg and lost .2 kg

Today, I would have preferred running because of yesterday’s break day. But now that I am doing more of the nonjogging calisthenics workouts, it is important to keep doing these sessions on a pretty regular basis. So I decided it was time to do that instead of running today.

I didn’t track how much weight I lost during the workout. But it is definitely less than when running nonstop. So far, the most I have seen is a loss of .4 kg for one of these 45-minute workouts. And one session saw a loss of only .2 kg.

Here’s the good news on today’s results. I lost .2 kg overall, and that makes a total of 3 days with weight loss on this new session. Compare that to 2 days with weight gain. So that means 60 percent of the days so far have resulted in weight loss.

The bad news is that I am still .4 kg over in these 5 sessions. However, that is clearly because of one day that had a weight gain of .8 kg. In the short term, that looks bad. But what happened that day is that I ate way too much, resulting in the substantial weight gain.

If the trend of the majority of days of this new workout showing a weight loss continues, then the overall figure of weight gain (.4) will likely be erased and become a weight loss. I saw these kinds of streaks even in full weight-loss mode. Although losing almost 70 pounds, I would pretty often gain weight over a period of 5 or 6 days. This is especially true when you have one really bad day like the .8 kg of weight gain in this 5-day period.

Because it is so cold now, I have modified this nonjogging session to do it inside. It’s just too cold now to go out unless it’s a nonstop running session. Lying down on the ground and doing pushups when it is freezing outside is just not acceptable. So I am doing pushups, situps, and some lower-body calisthenics exercises inside. But the energy used during these workouts is similar since it’s the same except for one exercise type.

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (all last exactly 45 minutes)
-.1 kg
-.2 kg
+.1 kg
+.8 kg
-.2 kg
total +.4 kg
average .08 kg of weight gain in 5 sessions

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