Days 36 and 37 Of Pentamize Weight Maintenance – A Huge Weight-Loss Streak Is Bound To Naturally End Soon Enough

On October 24, 2016, which was Day 36, I gained .5 kg. And on October 25, I gained .3 kg. After 37 days, I am at 75.1 kg. The starting point was 75.0 kg. So I am basically breaking even, which is the goal of maintenance mode.

I woke up late again and didn’t feel like running. So I decided to run at night. In this case, I was rising quite a bit on weight just because I felt pretty hungry. It’s not even clear why. I was considering taking a break today. But after seeing my weight rise to about 75.1 at 3 in the afternoon, it became obvious that I was going to need to work out to burn off some of this weight.

At 7 at night, I had risen to 75.6 kg. After that, I went on a 45-minute run. And I ran pretty hard, resulting in a weight loss of .8 kg. That put me at 74.8 kg. However, I do have to eat one last small meal. So I will rise some before going to bed.

I finished at 75.1 kg. There’s a good chance I will gain a little weight today. But this is kind of expected since I had such a huge weight loss just yesterday. You can’t just keep losing weight every day. In full weight-loss mode, I would sometimes lose weight 3 to 5 days in a row. But a streak is bound to end soon when you have lost 1.4 kg in just 2 days, like the streak I am on now. It’s just impossible to continue like that unless there is something strange going on with your body. So if today is the day my streak ends, there would be no reason to be disappointed about it. Even with runs twice as long as the one I did today, I would occasionally gain weight in full mode.

I had a rather strange result overnight, losing only .3 kg. That is the lowest number I think I have ever reported. I created the Pentamize tracking system and teach it in my book. And I think maybe one time I have measured a .3-kg weight loss during sleep. But you have to consider the situation. As I explain above, the huge weight loss over the past 2 days was bound to reverse itself. It’s just a little surprising that the gain was this much. As you can see, my tracking experience allows me to predict these things, but not with laser-point accuracy.

By the way, my book also teaches you why it is important to track weight loss while sleeping, how to track it, and how to use this information to help you lose weight. Get the book from the home page.

I ran in the afternoon today and completed a one-hour jog. I lost .9 kg during that workout, which dropped me to 74.2 kg. It’s hard to say whether that’s really good or just average. But it’s certainly not bad. I should avoid heavy meals the rest of the day, and that will give me a good chance of losing some of the weight that I gained yesterday.

Well, that didn’t go very well. I rose all the way to 75.6 after eating. A lot of that was water, though. So we’ll have to see how this turns out in the morning. I only dropped to 75.1 kg. Looks like I’ll need to go ahead and do another workout on the 26th since I have had two bad days. Overall, though, I am still maintaining at practically the same weight as when I started 37 days ago.

The following numbers show the last 4 days of results, which had some really wild swings. But these swings are even more than usual, likely due to the cheat day that caused me to rise by .8 kg. Streaks are normal. But this is some wild stuff. But wild is still pretty normal when you track daily.

90M and +.8 kg
60M and -.9 kg
45M and +.5 kg
60M and +.3 kg
total 1613 and -1.0 kg
avg. 57.6 min jogging and -.036 kg in 28 days

Pentamize Weight-Loss Blog: Tips On Recovering From a Cheat Day

This is Day 35 of my Pentamize blog. It is for October 23, 2016.

This was the day after a cheat day. And what I normally do on a day like this is continue trying to reverse the damage of any weight gain experienced due to the cheating. In full weight-loss mode, I would often run even more. But today, I opted for a one-hour run. And I had a good weight loss of 1.0 kg.

Before the run, I had only gone up to 75.9 kg from 75.2. That .7 is fine since I had not even worked out yet. Because I got up late, I just decided to run later in the day. And while I am going to eat one last meal after the run, it won’t be a very big one. I am definitely set to lose potentially a lot of weight by morning.

I had a huge weight loss, going down to 74.3 kg. That is a one-day loss of .9 kg. Even for full weight-loss mode, that is darn good day. Since I am just maintaining now, that is a really good day and better than I would have expected. However, in full weight-loss mode, there were quite a few days where I did lost about 1 kg (2.2 pounds).

While I don’t experience it 100% of the time, it is pretty common to naturally drop a lot of weight the day after a cheat day. Presumably, that is due to a lag in digestion or other body processes. So the added weight may take longer than the 24-hour period of the cheat day to come off. Nonetheless, do not take that as an invitation to not exercise the day after cheating. That’s bad. And like I said, you don’t always easily lose the extra weight. It sometimes comes off fast. So give yourself the best chance at success and get in a good exercise session to help drop the weight.

The weight gain and loss have been all over the map the past 3 days. On Day 33, I lost .5 kg. On Day 23, I had a cheat day and gained .8 kg. And today, I lost .9 kg. That put me at a weight loss of .1 kg over these days.

When looking at the nonstop jogging days throughout this 35-day period, here are my overall results:

total 1508 minutes and -1.8 kg
avg. 58 min jogging and -.069 kg in 26 days

Click here for all of my maintenance-mode results.

To learn my weight-loss averages in full weight-loss mode, get my Pentamize bookfrom the main page. They were a lot better than results you see above because I had a lot more weight to lose at that time. The whole story is on the main page, including the basic things I did to lose 2.5 pounds a week. So visit and see all the things you can learn.

Day 34 – Minimizing Weight Gain On a Cheat Day

Summary of Today’s Results

Looking at the results in a vacuum, I had a really bad day of weight gain on Day 34 of my Pentamize maintenance mode and this blog. However, when you put it in perspective, it’s not really a bad thing overall. I finished at 75.2 kg, with a starting weight 34 days ago of 75.0 kg. For all intents and purposes, that is breaking even. And that is the goal of maintenance mode.

Today’s Diet and Exercise Tracking

I had a 90-minute run because today is a cheat day. Someone invited us to eat, so I have to cheat like this every once in a while. Of course, if you are invited to people’s houses often and trying to lose weight, you’ll have to either go less or eat less when you are there. But since I am usually just at home, I enjoy myself a little without going too crazy.

The weight lost during the 90-minute run was disappointing. For some reason, I only lost 1 kg, down from 74.7 to 73.7. Since I had a pretty good run, maybe it was just a loss of less sweat because it was cold outside.

I shot up to 75.9 kg after drinking some beer, coke, a bunch of coffee, and quite a bit of food. That will be a big weight gain on the day. But it’s quite all right. I knew this was coming and will just make up for it in the next 2 or 3 days.

Overnight, I did not experience that much weight loss – certainly not as much as desired. I dropped to 75.2 kg. So I had a big weight gain on the day of .8 kg. This is still a lot better than it would have been had I not exercised before the party. Imagine how much I would have gained if I had not worked out at all.

Minimizing Weight Loss When You Have a Cheat Day

The purpose of running 90 minutes today was to try to at least minimize weight gain from a cheat day. I know I will probably gain weight by the morning weigh-in. But at least I got a good run in to try to minimize it.

The fact that you are having a cheat day does not mean that you should go hog wild or do nothing. In fact, I usually get a long workout either before or after the big meal. Notice I said, “The big meal.” That means a cheat day should not generally mean 3 or even 2 big meals. 1 is enough.

Naturally, it’s understandable if you eat a couple of big meals on Thanksgiving or some special day. But for the standard cheat day that you have once or twice a month, I recommend limiting your cheating to one big meal. Even that one large meal can make you go way over. And that’s why I recommend getting a good workout on the same day. It could be either before or after the big meal. Generally, I prefer before because you may have a stomachache or digestive issues after a big meal, making it too hard to work out. You could risk getting cramps or having other problems.

If you have a cheat day, try to still eat a balanced diet (instead of, for example, a whole chocolate pie) and limit your overconsumption to one meal. And as described above, a good workout on the same day can at least limit the damage even if the overall result is substantial weight gain.

Day 33 – Should you take two exercise break days in a row?

Day 33 had some unexpected weight-loss results. I did a 60-minute run and lost .5 kg. I used to have these kinds of days quite often in full weight-loss mode, but not so much in maintenance mode. Today, I dropped from 74.9 kg to 74.4 kg.

It’s important not to slack off after having a really good day like this. If you were going to exercise the next day, then just go and do your regularly scheduled exercise session. And don’t eat a bunch of extra food as a reward. This is because your average weight loss will change very little based on one really good day. Even without cheating, you might gain most of the weight right back the very next day. This is not the best method of determining when to reward yourself or especially when to take a cheat day.

Note: I have a section in my book called “How To Time Your Rewards.” You can purchase my ebook and use those guidelines to know when to reward yourself with something special that you like.

More Info On Today’s Weight Loss

My 60-minute run resulted in a weight loss of .9 kg, dropping me from the morning weigh-in of 74.9 to 74.0. This is pretty typical of the one-hour runs that I have been doing in maintenance mode. My heart rate was 136 at the end.

The first meal caused me to go back up to 74.9 kg. So I was even on the day at that point. I rose to 75.3, but that was mostly due to just fruits and vegetables. At any rate, I am getting a little high now. So I need to be careful about how much I am eating. After my third meal, I rose to 75.4 kg. It’s about 3:45 p.m. In my second to last meal, I was still at 75.4 because it was very small and after I went to the bathroom.

The rest of the time was odd. I ate too much, going up to 75.7 kg. Then, I dropped some to about 75.5 kg. After waking up, I was 74.4 kg. That is a very large drop overnight. But I checked my weight a few times to be sure. And it kept saying 74.4 even if I moved the scale around. So that appears to be correct.

Updated Nonstop Jogging Session Results For Maintenance Mode
total 1358 minutes and -1.7 kg
avg. 56.6 min jogging and -.07 kg in 24 days

Taking 2 Of More Break Days From Exercise In a Row

One of the things I personally never do is take two break days in a row. In fact, I kind of do the opposite. After taking a day off from exercise, I like to have a good workout to get myself back on track.

However, the way you handle this situation is going to be up to your needs and, to the extent allowed, your preferences. Not everyone can or should have the same workout schedule.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have a schedule set up where you work out 5 days in a row. You are happy with that schedule and are losing or maintaining weight in accordance with your goals. If you can do these 5 days in a row, take 2 days off, and still meet your goals, then I would be the last person to tell you not to do that.

But for me, the risk of gaining a lot of weight if I take 2 days in a row off is just too great. I don’t want to take that risk. If I gain a whole kilogram on those 2 days, there is no way to quickly lose the weight back. It could be a week or more before you are able to burn it all off. That can be a frustrating affair from an emotional perspective.

In my case, off days almost always result in weight gain. That’s why it’s very risky to take even 2 days off in a row, much less 3 or 4 days or a week. But if you find that you can actually break even when taking a day off from working out, then you wouldn’t have the same problem that I have. So the risk of gaining too much weight too fast is not present in your situation. With less risk, you can afford to take more than one day off at a time.

So let me summarize on this point. If you are like me and consistently gain weight on off days, then I recommend taking only one day off at a time. Additionally, having one of your longer or more intense workouts the next day is a good idea to help you bounce back. But if you don’t have a serious weight-gain problem on off days, then you can afford to set up your schedule to include more than one off day in a row as long as that doesn’t hinder your overall weight loss or maintenance plan.

Day 32 – Tracking Weight Loss Or Gain On a Break Day

This is Day 32 of my Pentamize blog. It is the 4th day of those 32 where I did no exercise at all. As you can see from these numbers, I am still very active even though I am in maintenance mode. This is about one day a week of off days. But some of the days where I do exercise are only 30 to 45 minutes. Most of the 28 days of workouts have been 45 minutes to an hour.

I have decided that it’s time to take a break today. This is always risky, as I keep on gaining weight every time I take a day off. But even if that happens, I have just lost weight 3 days in a row. At some point, your body just has to rest. And it feels like the right time.

It’s hard to know exactly what the problem is. But it seems like my metabolism is just really bad. You would think that you would at least break even on some off days. But even when I stick to a reasonable amount of food, which I usually do, the weight still goes up a little.

Let’s track today and see what happens. After my first meal and a very small snack, I was up to 74.9 kg. Weight is expected to go up some during the day and then drop at night. So it’s understandable that it is going to go up some throughout the day. Thus, the increased amount of .3 kg is not excessive so far. I’m now up to 75.5 kg at 3:30. Ouch. This is not going good. But I probably have 2 more small meals only. If I keep them small, I should at least avoid having a really bad day even if I gain some by morning. My weight at 4:30 was 75.4 kg. I was back up to 75.5 after eating another meal. I may eat a very small snack of no more than .1 kg after this. Otherwise, I am done for the night. Since it is almost 7 at night, odds are I will gain a little weight today. I did rise to 75.7 kg after eating a bit too much for the last meal. Before bed, my weight dropped to 75.4 after going to the bathroom.

I had a modest weight drop overnight, finishing at 74.9 kg. This is yet another weight gain on an off day. It’s so predictable I could bet money on it now. One solution I still don’t have is how to eat what you want (even a reasonable calorie count), don’t exercise at all, and still somehow break even or lose weight. All that I have encountered in my weight-loss journeys is that I have to sacrifice by dieting at least a little and exercising a good amount. I haven’t found one miracle yet. But tracking the Pentamize way can certainly help if you are having a problem.

Days With No Workout
+.6 kg
+.2 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
total +1.4 kg
average +.35 kg in 4 days