Day 41 – Break Day To Recover From Gallstone Attack

This day started at 74.0 kg. That is the lowest mark I have seen yet. However, as I explained yesterday, the clear reason for such a huge drop was a gallstone attack that I suffered yesterday. I have never seen a drop of 1.7 kg overnight. But that’s exactly what happened and could not have been the result of a one-hour run earlier in the day.

The gallstone attack had me going with almost no sleep all night long. I got a few winks. But the pain was simply too great to stay asleep more than a few seconds.

I ended up being in pain for more than 12 hours, and today was mostly spent trying to get some sleep, rehydrate, get some food for energy, etc. The pain subsided enough that I was finally able to get some shuteye. But my body is certainly way too weak to work out. Besides, the large weight loss overnight made this the ideal time to take a break day.

Normally, I would go ahead and do a 90-minute run on Sunday (tomorrow). However, days ago, I started a new workout that includes a lot of pushups, dips, and situps. And I am extremely sore, especially in my chest and abs. So I need to do that workout again on Sunday to avoid perpetual soreness. If I wait too long, I’ll just get sore all over again. But if I keep it up, then that soreness will go away as my muscles get accustomed to the exercises.

After drinking more than usual and eating, I was up to around 75.2 before going to bed. That is a pretty big increase, but not really all that much considering that I did not work out at all today. However, if you look at tomorrow’s blog entry, you will see something unusual. I lost virtually no weight overnight. So that puts me in a tough spot since I really need to do a long jogging session. But at the same time, the risk of prolonged soreness is just too great. So I’ll have to risk gaining weight tomorrow and make up for it the next day if need be. At any rate, a good plan to go from here will be to do the nonjogging workout tomorrow and a 90-minute run the day after.

Like yesterday, I am not going to track today because it’s too unusual. While it is a break day, which usually results in weight gain, I am not trying to misrepresent the average weight gain on break days. Rather, I fully intended to gain extra weight today on purpose. I just lost too much yesterday and was trying to recover my energy level. Of course, if you are frequently sick, these kinds of days can have a substantial effect on your weight loss or maintenance. And it could affect the accuracy of your tracking. But if, like me, you don’t usually get sick, then the overall effect shouldn’t be that much.

If you have persistent sickness that causes extreme streaks of weight gain and loss, I generally recommend tracking on days when you feel good, not when you are sick. Those sick days may give you a misleading picture of whether your diet and exercise are sufficient for your weight loss or maintenance results.

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