Day 40 – Dramatic Weight Loss Due To Gallstone Attack

It’s getting pretty close to a break day. I’ll break either Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. It depends on the results I get by morning and on Sunday morning if I work out on Saturday.

I ran for 60 minutes today. My weight loss of .9 kg was not great. But it is usually about 1.0 kg. So it is not unusually low.

I was doing so well, barely above the morning weigh-in with only one meal to go. I then ate too much for the last meal and was up to 75.7 kg. In full weight-loss mode, I am more careful not to make that mistake. Now, I am destined to gain weight by morning. So it looks like I’ll have to go out yet again tomorrow and make up for this mistake by going on a 90-minute run.

It’s been about 6 days since doing one of these long runs. So it’s about time, anway. Tomorrow is Saturday and a good time to do it.

After writing the above paragraph, the situation totally changed. I have gallstones, and they occasionally act up. So I was pretty much up all night long. At least in my case, the pain is too much to even sleep.

By the time I weighed myself in the morning, I had dropped all the way to 74.0 kg. There is no way that is normal since I ended the last meal at 75.7 kg. A weight loss overnight of 1.7 kg, which is pretty close to 4 pounds, is simply uneard of in my tracking. It has to be because the temporary sickness caused me to lose extra weight.

Some people might count this high degree of weight loss in their usual diet and exercise and weight tracking. I am choosing not to track today because it’s clearly an unreliable result that has nothing to do with my actual diet and exercise. If the weight loss had been normal, such as 1.0 kg overnight, I would have counted it. But counting 1.7 would be a misleading tracking statistic.

As to whether you should track your diet and exercise on a day such as this, that is up to you. What is more important than anything else is your overall status of weight loss and gain. Of course, if you are sick for a very long time, that could cause unhealthy weight loss. That is not what I am talking about. If you are that sick, then you should obviously be speaking to a doctor about combating the unhealthy effects of such sickness. What I do mean is that overall weight gain and loss is more important than perfect tracking. The purpose of Pentamize tracking, which I teach in my book, is to help you decide which diet and exercise regimen works for you on an individual level. This tracking is not designed to have perfect scientific precision. Rather, it’s designed to help you customize a successful plan for losing or maintaining your weight.

Another thing I anticipate doing is taking a break tomorrow (Saturday). I will need the time to recover. And since I did drop so much weight overnight, this is the perfect time to go ahead and take a break.

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