Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog: Brand New Workout Session With No Jogging Gets Good Results

October 27 74.8 kg (yet another new 45-minute workout and lost .1 kg)
Day 39

Today, I am starting a different kind of 45-minute workout. It is basically high intensity with no running at all. Instead of jogging and mixing in pushups, dips, and jumping jacks, I am doing only pushups, situps, and dips.

When you do only 3 exercises like this for 45 minutes, you can’t just keep going without wearing out. And I was absolutely worn out by the end and couldn’t even complete two dips or pushups without a break. So what I did was do negatives. I was able to continue doing some situps, but very slowly. But I would have to stop between reps of pushups and dips because I just didn’t have the power left to push back up without taking a rest.

This was a good workout. But as you would expect, you don’t lose as much weight during this workout because you aren’t sweating as much compared to a workout with jogging. So while I am losing about .8 kg with the 45-minute hard workout that includes jogging, I lost only .4 kg on this new workout. One time is not enough to give an average. So I will continue tracking this to see the results over time.

In terms of my overall weight loss or gain on the day, I ended up with a loss of .1 kg. Although that’s the lowest trackable weight loss using my digital bathroom scale, any loss is a great first day for this new workout type. And if that continues, it will show that jogging almost every day might not be necessary. However, I would still be jogging frequently for the purposes of necessary rest for certain muscles. You just can’t do the same upper-body exercises every day.

Since this is the very first time doing this workout, it would be silly to try to draw any conclusions yet. I’ll have to do around 15 or 20 of these workouts before I can start to get a little confidence that maybe I am at least close to the real average.

My afternoon session started at 75.7 kg and ended at 75.3. Although eating a little more, I only rose to about 75.4 by bedtime. So I would lose a little here by morning on average. But it’s not possible to say for sure what will happen on a single day.

I am going to now separate the different kinds of mixed workouts. One group consists of the workouts with jogging, and the other consists of the sessions with no jogging. It would just create almost useless results if I mixed these together.

Mixed Workouts (weightlifting, calisthenics, and some jogging)
90M -.1 kg
60M -.1 kg
45M -.1 kg
45M +.2 kg
45M -.2 kg
45M -.2 kg
Total 330M and -.5 kg in 6 sessions
avg 55M and -.083 kg

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (all sessions lasting 45 minutes)
-.1 kg

average -.1 kg in 1 session

View updated maintenance-mode stats here.

When considering that this is actually maintenance mode, these hardcore sessions seem to be doing very well. I have had 5 so far, with 4 jogging ones and then today’s new session with no jogging. And 4 of the 5 showed a weight loss, with only 1 showing a weight gain.

There is a drawback to these sessions, though. My muscles need a break. So I can’t possibly do these workouts on a daily basis. And the jogging part of those sessions is a little too hardcore to do on a daily basis, anyway. Thus, I will still be doing nonstop jogging sessions on most days since it is more feasible to jog on a daily basis. This can be done due to the fact that you simply slow down if you are really tired. And the leg muscles used to jog easily recover within a 24-hour period when you do moderate intensity. A high-intensity run may need rest. But moderate-intensity jogging, at least for me, can be done on a daily basis. Of course, you might have a different experience. You must experiment for yourself to see what your body is capable of doing and how quickly you are able to recover from various different workouts.

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