Day 38 – Results Of Water Experiment And Another Good Mixed Workout

My Day 38 results were a weight loss of .2 kg after a 45-minute mixed session. That now makes a weight loss on 3 of the 4 days since starting up these more hardcore mixed workouts. It’s too early to say yet that these are recommended. But the results are great so far. I did not do this kind of session in full weight-loss mode. But I may add this to my second book if the results continue to be this positive.

The bottom 4 sessions below are the new higher-intensity workout. The top 2 were less intense. But they were longer, resulting in good days. But for now, the higher-intensity workouts are just 45 minutes because my body is still just getting into shape for the new exercises and more hardcore intensity.

Mixed Workouts (weightlifting, calisthenics, and some jogging)
90M -.1 kg
60M -.1 kg
45M -.1 kg
45M +.2 kg
45M -.2 kg
45M -.2 kg
Total 330M and -.5 kg in 6 sessions
avg 55M and -.083 kg

Results Of My Water Experiment

I had said a while back that I would drink more water on purpose for a week to see what happens. Even though I had a cheat day during this week, I ended up at virtually the same weight. My start was 74.9 kg. And the ending was 74.8 kg. However, it’s not like a drank a huge amount of water on purpose. I just drank what I felt I needed. This experiment is not scientific enough to be included in my book because it’s too short of a time period. But I did not see any noticeable negative or positive results from drinking water. Of course, any expert is going to tell you to make sure you stay hydrated. Nobody is going to tell you to go without water. But I like to just do these experiments since I am working out and dieting, anyway. And there are no noticeable effects, yet. Of course, I am not going to dehydrate myself on purpose. That’s just not healthy.

More Notes On Today’s Exercise

Logic might dictate that I would go ahead and do a long workout today since I have gained weight the past 2 days. But since I started the more intense 45-minute workouts, I felt that it was time to get in one of these sessions because my muscles might start getting out of shape if I wait too long. I was actually still only 75.2 before the workout, which was near 2 in the afternoon.

The results were pretty good. I lost .8 kg, dropping to 74.4. This is quite close to where I was yesterday.

I need to use a technique today that is called “DBW tracking” to make sure I lose weight or, if things go bad, I don’t gain too much. I have an ebook called the Pentamize Weight Loss System. And it explains DBW tracking in full detail, with many examples. You can order a copy from the main page.

In my case, my DBW tracking (based on personalized computations) says that I can only gain up to a max of 75.7 kg by bedtime. Even that may be risky. So I should strive to stay below that. My last meal did shoot me to 75.6 kg.

I had a decent weight loss by morning. I came in at 74.9 kg.

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