September 19, 2016 – The Beginning Of Pentamize Maintenance Mode

September 19, 2016, is the beginning of my maintenance phase. But I will also be testing some Evening Dominator sessions and emergency exercise sessions. To summarize, these are sessions that you can try when you are having trouble staying below your DBW. They are fully explained, with details, in my Pentamize book, which you can purchase from the home page.

Because I have pretty much met my weight goals, I will not do these test sessions with the purpose of losing a lot of weight. But I intend to show how you can at least break even with these sessions. You may have to try a little harder to actually lose weight if you are still in full mode when you try these sessions.

Actually, let me be a little clearer. It is impossible to know in advance exactly what you will have to do to lose weight on an individual level. Since all human beings are different, the same exact diet and exercise would achieve different results for 2 different people. Even if you add 50 or 100 people, you could end up with results all over the map. This is exactly why I formulated Pentamize tracking as a means of individually testing your own progress. Forget about what someone else is doing. It might not even work for you.

A lot of times, people who want to lose weight will ask someone what diet to go on. Someone asked me, “What is the secret?” If I have to answer that question in one sentence, I would be forced to say that you have to find the right diet and exercise that works for you on an individual level. And this is precisely why you need to learn a tracking system. It’s not really possible to systematically lose weight (unless you just get lucky or starve yourself) unless you understand what works for you and what doesn’t work.

Weight Results:

I was exactly 75.0 kg on the morning of September 19, 2016. So this is my starting weight for my maintenance mode.

On the 19th, I did an Evening Dominator session that was only a 22-minute run. I tell you in precise details what an Evening Dominator session is in my book. But it’s an aggressive technique you may be forced to use if you are having trouble losing weight.

Before bedtime on September 18, I was at 75.6 kg. So my goal for the 22-minute run was to get down to at least 75.6 kg. Although unusual for me, I was still only 75.5 kg in the evening. So when I went out to do this run, I was already in great shape for the day in terms of potential weight loss. Any amount of loss was going to let me achieve my goal, provided I did not eat anything after.

I dropped to 75.1 kg as a result of the run. It is not normal for me to lose .4 kg in such a short period of time on a run. But I ran extremely hard on this particular day. While I have pretty much abandoned high-intensity runs, this was definitely a high-intensity workout for me. My heart rate was over 150 when I finished. My resting heart rate is at about 55 beats per minute.

My official weigh-ins for each morning are actually recorded on the following morning. And in this case, I was 74.6 kg. That was a solid .4 kg of weight loss compared to the morning of the 19th. This made for a great start to my maintenance mode.

Running Results

Jogging Sessions:

22M and -.4 kg
avg. 22 min. and -.4 kg in one day

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