Pentamize Blog For Day 42: 2nd Nonjogging Mixed Workout Results In Weight Loss

Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog
Day 42
October 30
Beginning Weight: 75.1 kg
End Weight: 74.9 kg
Result: lost .2 kg
Workout Completed: 45-minute nonjogging mixed session

Today started at about 75.1 kg. That means I lost virtually no weight overnight. But this may just be because my body is recovering from that gallstone attack. During the attack, I lost a huge amount of weight. Now, my body may just be retaining everything to get my energy back up. I don’t know for sure. I am just guessing that is probably the reason for these strange results the past couple of days.

I did a 45-minute hard mixed workout (no jogging) after rising to 75.5 kg in the afternoon. I only lost .2 kg during that workout. It was .4 kg the last time. So I expected a little more. However, the value of this kind of high-intensity weightlifting/calisthenics exercising is that it is reported to help you burn more fat after the actual workout. There is less weight loss during the session due to less sweating. But it primes your body for weight loss throughout the rest of the day.

This is my second nonjogging workout. I lost .1 kg the first time. So the first session was successful. However, regardless of the weight loss on these days, it is good for my overall health. My abs and upper-body muscles are getting in much better shape. So I really need to incorporate this into my workout lifestyle, anyway. But only time will tell whether it is going to be good or bad for my overall weight maintenance.

My weight is not looking so good today. I am 75.7 kg at 6:45 at night. And I need a little something extra to eat. I suppose a little bit of meat and one piece of bread will give me enough energy until bedtime. That small snack only put me at 75.8 kg. So I am borderline as far as gaining or losing weight or breaking even by morning. It’s hard to say what will happen because it is too close.

I dropped to 74.9 kg. So this was another good result for my new 45-minute hard workouts. This loss of .2 kg goes along with the first day of .1 kg. It’s such a hard workout, but the results are good so far. However, it’s hard to say whether there were any residual effect today from my gallstone attack. If you read the past 2 days of this blog, you will see that I had some wild weight fluctuations due to that medical episode. So while today’s results seem to have shown a more stabilized result, it’s just not possible to say. At any rate, the new workout needs about 15 to 20 days of results before I can get a better idea whether it is going to work for me in terms of weight loss or maintenance. Tracking in the short term is not perfect due to innumerable random factors. But the more days you track your diet, exercise, and weight, the more likely you will minimize the effect of these random variables (like this temporary medical condition).

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (these all last 45 minutes)
-.1 kg
-.2 kg
average .15 kg in 2 sessions

Day 41 – Break Day To Recover From Gallstone Attack

This day started at 74.0 kg. That is the lowest mark I have seen yet. However, as I explained yesterday, the clear reason for such a huge drop was a gallstone attack that I suffered yesterday. I have never seen a drop of 1.7 kg overnight. But that’s exactly what happened and could not have been the result of a one-hour run earlier in the day.

The gallstone attack had me going with almost no sleep all night long. I got a few winks. But the pain was simply too great to stay asleep more than a few seconds.

I ended up being in pain for more than 12 hours, and today was mostly spent trying to get some sleep, rehydrate, get some food for energy, etc. The pain subsided enough that I was finally able to get some shuteye. But my body is certainly way too weak to work out. Besides, the large weight loss overnight made this the ideal time to take a break day.

Normally, I would go ahead and do a 90-minute run on Sunday (tomorrow). However, days ago, I started a new workout that includes a lot of pushups, dips, and situps. And I am extremely sore, especially in my chest and abs. So I need to do that workout again on Sunday to avoid perpetual soreness. If I wait too long, I’ll just get sore all over again. But if I keep it up, then that soreness will go away as my muscles get accustomed to the exercises.

After drinking more than usual and eating, I was up to around 75.2 before going to bed. That is a pretty big increase, but not really all that much considering that I did not work out at all today. However, if you look at tomorrow’s blog entry, you will see something unusual. I lost virtually no weight overnight. So that puts me in a tough spot since I really need to do a long jogging session. But at the same time, the risk of prolonged soreness is just too great. So I’ll have to risk gaining weight tomorrow and make up for it the next day if need be. At any rate, a good plan to go from here will be to do the nonjogging workout tomorrow and a 90-minute run the day after.

Like yesterday, I am not going to track today because it’s too unusual. While it is a break day, which usually results in weight gain, I am not trying to misrepresent the average weight gain on break days. Rather, I fully intended to gain extra weight today on purpose. I just lost too much yesterday and was trying to recover my energy level. Of course, if you are frequently sick, these kinds of days can have a substantial effect on your weight loss or maintenance. And it could affect the accuracy of your tracking. But if, like me, you don’t usually get sick, then the overall effect shouldn’t be that much.

If you have persistent sickness that causes extreme streaks of weight gain and loss, I generally recommend tracking on days when you feel good, not when you are sick. Those sick days may give you a misleading picture of whether your diet and exercise are sufficient for your weight loss or maintenance results.

Day 40 – Dramatic Weight Loss Due To Gallstone Attack

It’s getting pretty close to a break day. I’ll break either Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. It depends on the results I get by morning and on Sunday morning if I work out on Saturday.

I ran for 60 minutes today. My weight loss of .9 kg was not great. But it is usually about 1.0 kg. So it is not unusually low.

I was doing so well, barely above the morning weigh-in with only one meal to go. I then ate too much for the last meal and was up to 75.7 kg. In full weight-loss mode, I am more careful not to make that mistake. Now, I am destined to gain weight by morning. So it looks like I’ll have to go out yet again tomorrow and make up for this mistake by going on a 90-minute run.

It’s been about 6 days since doing one of these long runs. So it’s about time, anway. Tomorrow is Saturday and a good time to do it.

After writing the above paragraph, the situation totally changed. I have gallstones, and they occasionally act up. So I was pretty much up all night long. At least in my case, the pain is too much to even sleep.

By the time I weighed myself in the morning, I had dropped all the way to 74.0 kg. There is no way that is normal since I ended the last meal at 75.7 kg. A weight loss overnight of 1.7 kg, which is pretty close to 4 pounds, is simply uneard of in my tracking. It has to be because the temporary sickness caused me to lose extra weight.

Some people might count this high degree of weight loss in their usual diet and exercise and weight tracking. I am choosing not to track today because it’s clearly an unreliable result that has nothing to do with my actual diet and exercise. If the weight loss had been normal, such as 1.0 kg overnight, I would have counted it. But counting 1.7 would be a misleading tracking statistic.

As to whether you should track your diet and exercise on a day such as this, that is up to you. What is more important than anything else is your overall status of weight loss and gain. Of course, if you are sick for a very long time, that could cause unhealthy weight loss. That is not what I am talking about. If you are that sick, then you should obviously be speaking to a doctor about combating the unhealthy effects of such sickness. What I do mean is that overall weight gain and loss is more important than perfect tracking. The purpose of Pentamize tracking, which I teach in my book, is to help you decide which diet and exercise regimen works for you on an individual level. This tracking is not designed to have perfect scientific precision. Rather, it’s designed to help you customize a successful plan for losing or maintaining your weight.

Another thing I anticipate doing is taking a break tomorrow (Saturday). I will need the time to recover. And since I did drop so much weight overnight, this is the perfect time to go ahead and take a break.

Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog: Brand New Workout Session With No Jogging Gets Good Results

October 27 74.8 kg (yet another new 45-minute workout and lost .1 kg)
Day 39

Today, I am starting a different kind of 45-minute workout. It is basically high intensity with no running at all. Instead of jogging and mixing in pushups, dips, and jumping jacks, I am doing only pushups, situps, and dips.

When you do only 3 exercises like this for 45 minutes, you can’t just keep going without wearing out. And I was absolutely worn out by the end and couldn’t even complete two dips or pushups without a break. So what I did was do negatives. I was able to continue doing some situps, but very slowly. But I would have to stop between reps of pushups and dips because I just didn’t have the power left to push back up without taking a rest.

This was a good workout. But as you would expect, you don’t lose as much weight during this workout because you aren’t sweating as much compared to a workout with jogging. So while I am losing about .8 kg with the 45-minute hard workout that includes jogging, I lost only .4 kg on this new workout. One time is not enough to give an average. So I will continue tracking this to see the results over time.

In terms of my overall weight loss or gain on the day, I ended up with a loss of .1 kg. Although that’s the lowest trackable weight loss using my digital bathroom scale, any loss is a great first day for this new workout type. And if that continues, it will show that jogging almost every day might not be necessary. However, I would still be jogging frequently for the purposes of necessary rest for certain muscles. You just can’t do the same upper-body exercises every day.

Since this is the very first time doing this workout, it would be silly to try to draw any conclusions yet. I’ll have to do around 15 or 20 of these workouts before I can start to get a little confidence that maybe I am at least close to the real average.

My afternoon session started at 75.7 kg and ended at 75.3. Although eating a little more, I only rose to about 75.4 by bedtime. So I would lose a little here by morning on average. But it’s not possible to say for sure what will happen on a single day.

I am going to now separate the different kinds of mixed workouts. One group consists of the workouts with jogging, and the other consists of the sessions with no jogging. It would just create almost useless results if I mixed these together.

Mixed Workouts (weightlifting, calisthenics, and some jogging)
90M -.1 kg
60M -.1 kg
45M -.1 kg
45M +.2 kg
45M -.2 kg
45M -.2 kg
Total 330M and -.5 kg in 6 sessions
avg 55M and -.083 kg

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (all sessions lasting 45 minutes)
-.1 kg

average -.1 kg in 1 session

View updated maintenance-mode stats here.

When considering that this is actually maintenance mode, these hardcore sessions seem to be doing very well. I have had 5 so far, with 4 jogging ones and then today’s new session with no jogging. And 4 of the 5 showed a weight loss, with only 1 showing a weight gain.

There is a drawback to these sessions, though. My muscles need a break. So I can’t possibly do these workouts on a daily basis. And the jogging part of those sessions is a little too hardcore to do on a daily basis, anyway. Thus, I will still be doing nonstop jogging sessions on most days since it is more feasible to jog on a daily basis. This can be done due to the fact that you simply slow down if you are really tired. And the leg muscles used to jog easily recover within a 24-hour period when you do moderate intensity. A high-intensity run may need rest. But moderate-intensity jogging, at least for me, can be done on a daily basis. Of course, you might have a different experience. You must experiment for yourself to see what your body is capable of doing and how quickly you are able to recover from various different workouts.

Day 38 – Results Of Water Experiment And Another Good Mixed Workout

My Day 38 results were a weight loss of .2 kg after a 45-minute mixed session. That now makes a weight loss on 3 of the 4 days since starting up these more hardcore mixed workouts. It’s too early to say yet that these are recommended. But the results are great so far. I did not do this kind of session in full weight-loss mode. But I may add this to my second book if the results continue to be this positive.

The bottom 4 sessions below are the new higher-intensity workout. The top 2 were less intense. But they were longer, resulting in good days. But for now, the higher-intensity workouts are just 45 minutes because my body is still just getting into shape for the new exercises and more hardcore intensity.

Mixed Workouts (weightlifting, calisthenics, and some jogging)
90M -.1 kg
60M -.1 kg
45M -.1 kg
45M +.2 kg
45M -.2 kg
45M -.2 kg
Total 330M and -.5 kg in 6 sessions
avg 55M and -.083 kg

Results Of My Water Experiment

I had said a while back that I would drink more water on purpose for a week to see what happens. Even though I had a cheat day during this week, I ended up at virtually the same weight. My start was 74.9 kg. And the ending was 74.8 kg. However, it’s not like a drank a huge amount of water on purpose. I just drank what I felt I needed. This experiment is not scientific enough to be included in my book because it’s too short of a time period. But I did not see any noticeable negative or positive results from drinking water. Of course, any expert is going to tell you to make sure you stay hydrated. Nobody is going to tell you to go without water. But I like to just do these experiments since I am working out and dieting, anyway. And there are no noticeable effects, yet. Of course, I am not going to dehydrate myself on purpose. That’s just not healthy.

More Notes On Today’s Exercise

Logic might dictate that I would go ahead and do a long workout today since I have gained weight the past 2 days. But since I started the more intense 45-minute workouts, I felt that it was time to get in one of these sessions because my muscles might start getting out of shape if I wait too long. I was actually still only 75.2 before the workout, which was near 2 in the afternoon.

The results were pretty good. I lost .8 kg, dropping to 74.4. This is quite close to where I was yesterday.

I need to use a technique today that is called “DBW tracking” to make sure I lose weight or, if things go bad, I don’t gain too much. I have an ebook called the Pentamize Weight Loss System. And it explains DBW tracking in full detail, with many examples. You can order a copy from the main page.

In my case, my DBW tracking (based on personalized computations) says that I can only gain up to a max of 75.7 kg by bedtime. Even that may be risky. So I should strive to stay below that. My last meal did shoot me to 75.6 kg.

I had a decent weight loss by morning. I came in at 74.9 kg.