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Better Than Counting Calories
Works With Any Diet
Customizable To Your Own Weight Loss Needs

Learn how I lost upwards of 2.7 pounds a week using a unique system of diet, exercise, and completely new 5-point results tracking. You will get my own daily journal results (both the good and bad days and everything in between) and the exact methods used to produce these weight-loss results. Of course, your results will vary, as all human beings are different. But in learning how to do it, you can improve your chances of success with any diet.

Hello. My name is Jimmy Dewayne Boyd. I am not a nutritionist, a dietitian, an athletic trainer, or any kind of medical professional at all. Nope. I’m just one of the millions of people around the world who start to struggle with weight as they get older. But if I am just a regular person and have lost about 12 pounds a month using my Pentamize Weight Loss System, then don’t let anything stop you from giving it a go. I’ll show you step by step how I did it. You’ll even see how much I gained and lost every day, week, month, and so on.

You can use Pentamize with any diet or exercise regimen. In fact, I don’t recommend a specific diet and focus mostly on a balance of fruits, vegetables, meat, a little dairy, and a little bread or other grains. The only thing I recommend that you severely cut down on is processed sugar. But even a very small amount of junk food is possible, depending on your overall diet and ability to control yourself.

You want to try a low-fat diet or try the low-carb route? Have diabetes and follow a diet for that? Do you buy food from a commercial weight-loss program? This system works with all diets. And you can even try out your own combination of foods and track your success with Pentamize. If you see you are eating too much, then make adjustments to either diet or exercise as necessary. Let the tracking statistics you learn how to use in this book guide you to a successful plan.



Ha. Look at that pic above. I don’t have any sexy pics to show you cause I am not model material. It’s just plain ol’ me. But what I can show you is the system I pretty much accidentally created to start losing over 2.5 pounds a week.

Yeah, I still need to lose some weight. But look at me before in the smaller picture on the left. You can see the difference in the chin, neck, and cheeks. At least I have a little bit of a jawline back. LOL.

My Dramatic Increase In Weight Loss

Before I fully developed my Pentamize system, I was losing a little bit of weight. In October of 2015, I started exercising again. When working up to running sessions of 90 minutes, I lost a decent 17 pounds without really dieting. But it took me 7 months! That’s a heck of a lot of exercise (5 to 8 hours per week) to lose less than 3 pounds a month.

In October, my initial weight of 233 had dropped to about 216 by May of 2016. I am only 5’7″ tall. So yes, this means I was overweight by a pretty good margin. While those results are certainly not terrible, that’s a pretty paltry half a pound a week. To be honest, I just didn’t want to diet even though I had started exercising again. But I discovered I had no choice but to at least diet a little and make a few changes about how I approach the process of losing weight.

Here’s where the accidental discovery took place. Starting immediately in May of 2016, I went from losing about half a pound a week to losing nearly 2.7 pounds a week. Yes, this was immediate and occurred the first month I changed my diet and started the tracking system. And since I was already working out and barely losing weight, it’s clear that a combination of my diet changes plus my new tracking system were responsible for the added weight loss. I also increased exercise a little bit. But without the tracking and some diet modifications, there is no way I could have achieved the results. I was already working out and losing a little. Then, the results skyrocketed.

On a whim, I had decided to start tracking everything like a madman. And this is when I learned how tracking keeps me in check of my progress at all times. I continued to refine my tracking methods for even better results. But the results were actually immediate from the very first month.

To cut to the chase, I lost 36 pounds in the first 3 months of using this system. No, this was not due to any water weight because I had already lost the initial water weight when starting to work out in October of 2015. In May, I lost about 11 pounds. After that, the results were 12 pounds in June and 13 pounds in July. In other words, my results have been consistent from month to month.

At the start of May, I was 216 pounds. By the end of July, I was down to about 180 pounds. I am writing this letter in August and have already gotten down to about 172 pounds in less than half a month. So in my 4th month, there is no sign of any change. In fact, I am ahead of pace so far in August.

The initial .5 pounds a week shot up to about 2.7 pounds a week and settled in at about 2.5 pounds a week by the end of my full weight-loss mode. That’s a 350% increase in weight loss!


Let me briefly tell you how I got such a dramatic improvement in weight loss:

1. For starters, I cut down on bread and rice. It’s not that these are bad foods. In fact, I still eat them. But instead of eating 6 pieces of bread a day or a cup and a half of rice, I cut that down to about 2 pieces of bread a day or half a cup of rice. In return, I started eating more fruits and vegetables. It’s very easy to eat 6 pieces of bread a day. Think about it. That’s only 3 sandwiches. Things can get carried away with carbs like this, risking serious overeating.

2. Even more importantly than diet, I happened to create a tracking system to help me monitor my diet and exercise. This is where you can really hold yourself accountable because it removes almost all excuses. If you track diligently enough, you will know when you are overeating.

Warning: Don’t get this book if you are afraid of a little hard work and sacrifice. I am not selling any miracles here. I am selling a real-life plan that has put my own weight-loss efforts into overdrive. You’ll learn how to take charge and give yourself a better chance of losing or maintaining your weight. But actually doing the work is up to you. Only you control your own destiny. I refuse to sell miracles and crazy promises. The book is the result of my own successful efforts. Let me help you help yourself.

This Is Not a Recipe Book

No, I don’t have some miracle diet for you. And there are no recipes in Pentamize, although I do tell you what my diet consisted of when I was in full weight-loss mode. One of the flexible parts of the Pentamize system is that you can use it with any diet or your own formulation or combination of foods or recipes.

My experience with strict diets is people just quit, anyway. They don’t want to be told you have to eat this or that or can’t eat something else. So they just give up when they get tired of the same thing on a daily basis. I am much bigger on portion control than a rigid adherence to an exact diet or foods.

Tracking is the glue that holds Pentamize together, not a specific diet or collection of recipes. I am not a cook and mostly eat whole foods, like fruits and vegetables. And when it comes to yogurt, bread, and meat, I just eat what they sell at the store. So I do no actual cooking except heating some of these things in the oven or cooking rice in a rice cooker.

What these other diet or recipe books don’t have is my Pentamize tracking system. And I know they don’t have this since I created it all by myself. Luckily, you can use this with any diet. But that doesn’t mean you can lose weight on any diet. There are some really bizarre diet ideas out there that could cause you to actually gain weight. Worse yet, about the only diet where you would probably never overeat is a pure vegan diet of vegetables only. Almost any other diet, and you might still overeat unless it has specific portion controls. Thus, only portion control can save you from being overweight in most cases.

The goal of Pentamize is to allow you to test out any diet and see if it works for you. It would not be productive to give you a specific set of recipes since they might not even work for your body. Different people get different results with the exact same diet. So some things that work for your friend or your sister might not work for you. Get the Pentamize Weight Loss System so you can track your personal results from any diet and find out what does work for you. If something doesn’t seem to be working, then switch it out and try something else.

Note that I do give you lots of information on my own diet and tips on how to create your own. The purpose of this is to give you a starting point. If I mentioned nothing about food at all, you may just throw your hands up in confusion and do nothing. So if nothing else, you can start with my diet, make any changes you feel like making, and then track your results.

Don’t worry. I am not going to leave you completely in the dark on food and diet. If you know nothing at all about what to eat, you will learn enough in this book to get started on the system. But the system is also flexible enough that you can use it with any of the hundreds of diets on the market if you choose to try one. If you love peaches, you can eat your peaches. If you love beef, you can eat that, too (I eat it almost every day). If you love chocolate cake, that’s where you may have a problem. High-sugar foods must be eaten in extreme moderation. But you already knew that part, anyway, right?

Losing Weight Is a Lifestyle Change, Not a Gimmick

Forget the crash diets, the crazy fads, and the outright gimmicks and scams. If you want to lose weight, you want to do it permanently. And to do it permanently, you need a reasonable and acceptable lifestyle change. No, it is not easy for most people to shed the pounds. It certainly was not easy for me. But you do have options.

Pentamize shows you how to formulate and customize your own plan. In fact, there are 4 different ways you can lose weight in terms of diet and exercise.



So if you have your diet in order and are already at least breaking even, then you can start exercising some to lose the weight. However, many people who are overweight naturally get that way from overeating. In that case, you can either reduce how much you eat and exercise, reduce enough so you don’t have to exercise, or do both for even bigger potential results. The choice is yours. Pentamize tracking methods will help you figure out the best method for your own body, mind, and life.

I like to be totally honest. Most people have to work hard to lose weight. Pentamize is not a magic pill, and it won’t take away the hard work necessary to get into shape. It’s a system that helps you test and track until you get the right combination of diet and exercise. No promises of easy weight loss will be made here. What I do promise is to show you exactly how I improved my own results by about 350%.

Speaking of diet and exercise, most people who are overweight now are probably going to find that they need to do some of both. While it’s possible to exercise and lose weight without dieting, I didn’t achieve killer results like almost 2.7 pounds a week until starting my diet. As to which one is more important, that depends on your current health, life situation, metabolism, and other factors. But Pentamize will allow you to test different combinations until you optimize your efforts for your personal body, mind, and soul. And it’s up to you how fast you want to lose the weight. So keep tracking until you find the right pace for you. It could be more but will often be slower than my own 2.5+ pounds per week.



If eating is a big problem for you, then portion control is a vital key to your success. And that is what effective tracking allows you to do. Exercise is definitely a bonus, though. But as you get closer to a reasonable diet, exercise becomes an even more valuable component. Let me give you an example:

1. If you are currently eating 3500 calories a day, exercise is not going to be enough for you to lose weight in most cases. Since a whole hour of jogging, for example, burns something like 500 calories, you will still be at about 3000 calories. For most people, that means gaining weight.

2. Now, assume that you have a breakeven calorie point of 2500, meaning you can eat 2500 calories a day without exercise and neither gain nor lose weight. Now, do you see how important exercise is? If you burn that same 500 calories in exercise and eat 2750 calories instead of 3500, then that is 2250 net calories. Now, you would actually be losing a little weight.

To get your portions in control and start losing weight, there are only 5 basic steps you have to get right.



Let me list some of the things included in the book:

  • My daily results from months of being in full Pentamize weight-loss mode
  • A daily journal that tells you what I was thinking, why I did things, what mistakes I made, and so on
  • How to deal with wild swings of weight gain and loss (you will have them, as they are normal for everyone)
  • How to analyze your daily results so you know whether you are on the right track
  • An exact plan on when to weigh yourself
  • Tips on how to weigh yourself (yes, some scales are basically worthless for tracking purposes)
  • Understanding the cycle of daily weight loss and gain
  • The 5 Pentamize Tracking Points and how to use them
  • 1-Page Diet Guidelines (any diet will work, but this shows you what has worked for me)
  • 9-Step Tracking Cheat Guide (a condensed step-by-step system and the exact methods that I used to lose weight)
  • Shortcuts to help you get started fast (an entire Quick Start Guide for diet, exercise, and Pentamize tracking)
  • Emergency Exercise Sessions (if all else fails, this is what you can do to shed the excess calories)
  • The “Evening Dominator” Exercise Plan (the most precise method of knowing when you are overeating and exactly how to fix it; very hardcore method that should be used only if necessary)
  • The Pentamize Stop-Gap (Pentagap) Method (for those who love to meticulously manage their weight loss plan and diet)
  • Initial exercise preparation (you should not just start killing yourself from Day One, as we are looking for a lifestyle change here instead of an unrealistic quick fix)
  • Deciding and determining your exercise intensity
  • Goals for hard and light workout days
  • Comparison of Low, Moderate, and High Intensity For Workout Routines (includes issues with walking)
  • Initial tracking preparation
  • How and when to track your results on a regular basis (full examples and scenarios provided)
  • All of my own tracking results for both exercise and weight
  • Which exercise sessions worked for me, plus the ones that failed big time
  • The percentage of days I lost weight vs. the days I gained weight (and why this is important)
  • Why even the failed exercise routines are still part of my plan (there are good reasons for this)
  • How to tweak your diet if you aren’t getting good results
  • When to treat yourself to a snack (and when not to)
  • When to transition from full weight-loss mode to maintenance mode (and how to reverse the damage if you start to gain weight again)
  • Various psychological tips that have helped me avoid overeating
  • Information on weight-loss plateaus and how to avoid them
  • Sample scenarios (like word problems) that help enhance your understanding of tracking concepts and modifying your diet and exercise

There are well over 100,000 words in the “Pentamize Weight Loss System” book. I held back nothing and explain the good, the bad, and the everything in between.



Let me tell you what. I just had a piece of pizza while writing this letter. That doesn’t sound like a diet. But I am definitely on a diet. It’s just that I have learned to exercise portion control through the Pentamize tracking system. If I had eaten 4 pieces of pizza, you bet I would have gained weight by morning. But I knew from my tracking experience, that I could afford to eat one piece from a pie that someone here at the house brought home. I ate that one piece, and that will be just fine. How do I know this? Because I know my DBW, which is one of the 5 “tracking points” you will learn in this book. I even had one piece of caramel candy today, as well.

Obviously, I am talking about moderation here. And people always say you can eat what you want in moderation. Unfortunately, that bare statement to “eat in moderation” doesn’t really give you a guideline on how much that really is. And that is where Pentamize tracking comes in to save the day.

As you learn the system and your own eating and exercise habits, you will be able to tell when you are having a good or bad day. When you are having a bad day for weight loss, do what you can to put on the brakes and limit the damage. When you are having a good day, you can even sometimes reward yourself a little. In fact, one lesson in my book is all about how to know when it’s time to treat yourself.

Don’t say bye forever to all the foods you love. Just learn when it’s okay to indulge and treat yourself. Trust me. You are probably going to have to eat less to lose weight. But that doesn’t mean you have to hate every minute of it. There will be times that you can reward yourself if you put in the work first.





You are an individual, and your weight-loss journey will follow its own path. In all likelihood, it won’t look much like mine. The foods you eat may be different because you prefer different things. The exercises you do may be totally different. I am a jogger, and some of you probably hate running. But you can follow the same success methods.

Let me tell you something, though. I was in the Army, and we ran all the time. I hated it for 8 years of active-duty service, and I have always hated long-distance running. But you know what? I discovered key methods of making exercise a lot more enjoyable. Or at least I don’t hate it as much as I used to. I won’t reveal them all here because you can get the book to find out what they are. But I can tell you I return to one thing over and over again. And that is you need to individualize your weight loss system.

Don’t follow exactly what someone else is doing. You may hate it, and you will just quit. And the whole point of Pentamize tracking is to allow you to individualize and customize your own system. I can’t promise you will love the sacrifices. But if you keep testing, you will find the best way for you to change your life with the least displeasure possible.

Keeping in mind that individualizing your plan is the way to go, I do tell you what I ate on a regular basis and exactly what exercises I did. Listen. My path was pretty aggressive. For example, I ate less than 2000 calories a day when in full weight-loss mode. But you probably don’t have to eat that little. You can eat a little more and usually still lose weight. But that depends on several factors. At any rate, do your results tracking the way you learn in this book, and you will find out how much you can eat and still shed some pounds.

As to my diet, I go right down to the foods that I ate on a daily basis. You will know about how many pounds of food I eat a day. This info is provided as sort of a baseline for you to work from. Surely, you won’t like everything that I consumed. But at least my diet will give you a reference point from which to start mapping out your own diet choices.

As stated before, though, I don’t really follow a specific well-known diet and frankly don’t even study those. Instead, I opt for a reasonably balanced approach that includes the major food groups. If anything, I try to limit my carbs and stay away from sugar. But it’s way too many carbs to qualify as an actual low-carbohydrate diet. For example, I love grapes, which are actually pretty high in carbs.

How Many Meals Per Day?

I will tell you now that I eat about 5 to 6 meals per day. It’s what works for me. But does that work for you? Well, you know yourself better than anyone else. I will tell you more about my preferences in the book and why I have those preferences. But like anything in the Pentamize system, you will learn to test things out and eventually settle into the eating schedule that works for you.

Pentamize is a flexible weight-loss system. Sometimes, I eat 4 meals. Other times, I eat 6. You just need to learn how to to track all this stuff so you can avoid overeating.



When it comes to exercise, I will tell you that I run and do some light machine-based weightlifting and calisthenics. I don’t have and don’t use free weights. And I do have something a little more to tell you about this. Look at the image below to see the basic summary of my exercise results when comparing cardio (running) with weightlifting. But as always, remember that you can learn how to track your success with any exercise regimen. If something is not burning enough fat, then you can make adjustments in either the type, duration, or intensity of your exercise. My own experiences in losing almost 2.7 pounds a week and specific results are provided as a starting point for you to start developing your own exercise routines.



Besides the type of exercise that you do, another major issue is how hard you work out in terms of intensity. People who really hate exercise may love to stick to low-intensity routines. People like me go for moderate intensity, and the athletic and other hardcore types sometimes actually prefer high-intensity exercise.

Pentamize gives the reasons why you might want to avoid high-intensity and low-intensity workouts. Yet, they are going to be the ideal or sometimes maybe the only option for some people trying to lose weight. So you will ultimately have to decide for yourself. This will be based on your preferences, your daily schedule and amount of free time, any medical issues you have, and whether you are getting results.



Why Tracking Is So Important

Some humans have a kind of instinctive perception of when it is time to stop eating. These people seem to just have a sense of when to stop even though they don’t count calories or anything of the sort.

What I discovered from getting overweight is that not all people have this strong sense that allows them to regulate their diet without any real effort. It’s not clear in my mind when to stop eating. Maybe I had it when I was younger and just lost it along the way. Or maybe I never had it at all. I really don’t know. What I do know is that I developed a habit of overeating without realizing I was overeating.

This is where tracking comes in. It does for you what you naturally have a hard time doing. If you lack this innate ability to control your diet, then tracking will do it for you. And Pentamize tracking is specifically tailored to help with portion control. And that portion control leads to weight control. And to help out even more, Pentamize tracking covers all your exercise routines. So it is working double time to help you manage your weight.

Multiple Tracking Options

I really tried hard to create a system with many options. My goal is to help as many people as possible lose weight. The Pentamize system has several different ways to track your diet and exercise. Some like a more relaxed and simple approach. And people who are very good at sticking to a plan may prefer less tracking, but just enough to get the job done. I don’t want to scare people away by making them think they have to be crunching numbers all day long to lose weight. This is not necessary for most people.

But let’s face it. Some people, especially those who tend to overeat, often need a very strict system that tracks every facet of their weight-loss plan. Pentamize has these options, as well. You can even go as far as to weigh the food you eat or engage in extra exercise to burn off needed calories. These aggressive options are not necessary for everyone. But I have included them for the weight losers who need the most comprehensive management tools and methods.

You will be able to choose the options that are best for your personal weight-loss goals, habits, level of discipline, etc. As always, Pentamize puts you in the driver’s seat. But it’s then up to you how fast you want to drive. Just keep adjusting the gas pedal until you find the right speed for you.

Pentamize Tracking Vs. Counting Calories

I would never try to completely replace counting calories, as it is a good method in assessing the risk of eating certain foods on a regular basis. However, for the purpose of compiling the kinds of rigorous weight tracking stats that I teach you, my Pentamize Tracking Points are simply better. You will learn when to count calories as a way of supplementing my tracking methods. But by and large, my unique Pentamize methods are what you will use on a regular basis because they give you the most useful information for controlling your weight increases and decreases.

Plus, my tracking works well for both diet and exercise. Calories can be used for exercise. But you can only estimate how many calories you are burning from exercise since everyone is different. Pentamize tracking gives you specific, individualized metrics.

In conclusion, no matter what diet or exercise you want to try out, the Pentamize Weight Loss System is for you. Use it to optimize your efforts in creating a healthier life while also losing weight and even rewarding yourself when the time is right.

Balance is happiness. And this system is designed to help you balance your activities so you can improve your chance to lose weight and be happy at the same time. In life, there are no promises. But there are opportunities. And balanced weight loss is knocking at your door now.

Start Pentamizing today. Get the book just by purchasing a T-shirt. You can select a man’s, woman’s, or child’s shirt. And multiple sizes are available. Buy the shirt below and send me a copy of the receipt to or in Facebook at (be logged in to see my page). I will then send you back a PDF copy of the e-book.